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SETUP your project map

PlanMapping is highly customisable with a range of features to suit your project or operations requirements

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Survey form

Customise the survey form that users complete when submitting a comment.


Customisable styling

Your project description, logo, contact details, colour scheme.

Base maps

Select what type of base map you would like for your project map e.g. aerial imagery, street view, light, dark. Multiple base map types can be setup.

Try changing the base map type in the embedded map shown to see a few live examples. Select the base map in the top right corner.


Add GIS map layers

Add customised map layers to show the plans for your project using typical Geographical Information System (GIS) data files.


Our software, your brand (white label solution)

For consulting service providers in the urban planning, engineering, infrastructure and related businesses we can offer a "white labelled" version of our software that you can brand and market to your clients as your own product. This offering can provide a low-risk opportunity to provide a digital product that can complement your traditional professional services revenue stream.

Contact us to our White Label Solutions.

ENGAGE with your community

PlanMapping allows your community to easily find their location of interest, share their feedback on any device, and spread the word on social media

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  • Insights

Submit comments spatially on the map

PlanMapping's functionality makes it simple and intuitive to submit comments on the map. Users simply move the map around by panning and zooming in/out to the place that the comment relates to. Comments are added by completing a short form with the questions you specify. Once the user clicks 'Submit' the comment is added to the project map.


Mobile and tablet supported

PlanMapping has been built with a responsive design so that it can used on mobile and tablet devices. This makes it easy for users to add comments on the go wherever they are or for the project map to be used on a tablet device as part of a community consultation event.


Geolocate your position

Our "geolocate" button on the map allows the user to easily find where they are located and then add a comment to that position on the map. This helps to integrate the project map into physical experiences and gain feedback.


Social media sharing

Users can easily share comments on social media via our Facebook and Twitter share buttons. This helps to expand the reach of your project engagement.


Hyperlink to a specific map location or comment

PlanMapping lets users share a link to a specific place on your map or to a specific comment with our customised website URL structure. Check it out:
Take me to LA International Airport!

Embed the map on your website or anywhere!

We think our mapping website is pretty cool, but you might prefer to have our mapping functionality integrated into your own organisation or project website. With PlanMapping its easy to embed our maps with minimal coding experience required.

Simply copy one line of code and include your map in your website, blog or article. See the line of below which is for the map of New York on the left here.

We can help you set this up if your need any help!

Extract the INSIGHTS

Take the data and insights from the project map and use the information to co-create better infrastructure, places and experiences for your community.

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  • Engage
  • Insights

Spreadsheet & GIS data outputs

At the end of your project campaign, we can provide raw data from the project including comments, commenter details, and the map co-ordinates (latitutude and longitude) in Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or various common GIS data formats.


Project report

In addition, we can work with you to develop a post-project report and extract insights from the data collected. Project Reports provide a breakdown of the feedback and comments to help you understand community concerns and areas for feedback, as well insights about the respondents such as their locality and demographic profile. We can also provide additional mapping/GIS analysis and visualisations which can be used in your internal and external project reporting and documentation.


Analytics Portal (coming soon)

Our customer 'Analytics Portal' which is currently in development will provide a view of the project data and key statistics that you can view on-demand.

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