Spatial survey tool for location specific project engagement

Map-based tool where anyone can add a comment to the map by filling out a brief survey/form, which provides quantitative and qualitive data for decision making

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PlanMapping is an online map-based tool to provide location-based feedback and comments on community projects and operations such as in the transport, infrastructure, urban development, building, environment and university sectors.

Cities are complex. Every piece of infrastructure such as roads and railways affect the liveability and experience of all that live in them. Likewise, with the quality of community services such as public transport and educational campuses. Urban development moves us forward, however it must be carefully planned out, considering the community and our environment.

PlanMapping is easy for the community to provide feedback. Users simply click on the map, then provide their comments in a customised form designed to best suit your objectives. Comments are then shown on the map and the data is available for your analysis and consideration.


Check out this map as an online demo

Here's an example!

Have a scroll around the map.

Try zooming in and out.

Look at the railway lines.

Checking out other peoples comments.

Changing the basemap (in the top right corner).

Check out our Online Demos to have look in more and add your own comments!

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How it works

PlanMapping is highly customisable to facilitate community feedback on a wide range of projects and operations


1. Setup your project map

We work with you to tailor the map to suit your organisation and project requirements. PlanMapping is highly customisable.

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2. Use the map to engage with your community

PlanMapping allows your community to easily find their location of interest, share their feedback on any device, and spread the word on social media.

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3. Analyse the responses and incorporate the feedback

Take the data and insights from the project map and use the information to co-create better infrastructure, places and experiences for your community.

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Industry Solutions

The PlanMapping spatial survey tool can be used for a wide range of use cases in many industries


PlanMapping is a solution for Government departments that undertake planning and projects to obtain location-specific community feedback

Urban Planning

Setup a map to explain urban planning proposals including changes in land use or transport infrastructure and receive community feedback

Not For Profits

PlanMapping can gather feedback and support for a wide range of causes such as improving safety and liveability.


Engage with students and staff to identify areas of improvement around University campuses


Help your clients make better plans for the community by providing a solution to engage and gather feedback

News & Media

Drive the conversation and ignite engagement about the big issues shaping our cities with the use of PlanMapping maps

Public Transport

Improve the customer experience of your transport services with location-specific feedback on stations, bus stops, routes and proposed service changes


Co-create an improved airport experience by gathering feedback from passengers and airport staff about how to improve your terminals, processes and facilities

Disaster Recovery

Be prepared to assess the scene and respond when disasters strike -- use PlanMapping to gather information about location-specific damage and repair requirements

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